Masato ITO

Birth: 14 January 1990

Age: 27


2017 April~

Postdoctoral researcher Kindai University

Laboratory of Entomology

Faculty of Agriculture, Kindai University

3327-204 Nakamachi, Nara, Nara 631-8505, JAPAN

(Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Ikuo Kandori)


E-mail address:




Taxonomy of the Ichneumonid wasps (especially the subfamily Acaenitinae).

Molecular phylogenetics of the Ichneumonid wasps.

Host identify from adult wasp using the genetic analisis.



4) Masato ITO, Kyohei WATANABE & Kaoru MAETO (2014) Revision of the genus Arotes Gravenhorst (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Acaenitinae) from Japan.

Zootaxa. (in press)


3) Masato Ito & Kaoru Maeto (2014) Revision of the Genus Yamatarotes Uchida (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Acaenitinae) from Japan. Based on Molphological and Molecular Evidence.

Japanese Journal of Systematic Entomology, 20(1): 107-113.  


2) Masato Ito, Kyohei Watanabe & Kaoru Maeto (2013) A Review of Metachorischizus unicolor Uchida, 1928, with the First Description of Males (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Acaenitinae).
Japanese Journal of Systematic Entomology, 19(1): 181-185.  


1) Masato Ito, Kyohei Watanabe & Kaoru Maeto (2012)  

Spilopteron luteum Uchida and S. mucronatus Lee (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Acaenitinae) New to Japan.

Japanese Journal of Systematic Entomology, 18(2): 443-446.5) 



1) ○Masato ITO, Kyohei WATANABE & Kaoru MAETO. 

Molecular evidence resolves the confusion involving two ichneumonid species of Spilopteron (Hymenoptera) caused by marked geographical color variation.

8th International Congress of Hymenopterists, Cusco, Peru (20-25 July 2014).